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"the ruddy lady teased, “isn’t she beautiful?” He looked back at me off guard, smiled at the ground and said, “ehh, she has her moments.”"
I. Kinda. Died. (via imaresident)


All I want is a guy friend who I can just do stupid things with. LIke play techno waffle frisbee, then go over to his house and play video games and  make out a little or something. I just dont want a boyfriend, thats too much commitment for me right now. What is that kind of relationship called????

To My Guy Friends,


I don’t care if you have a girlfriend (or boyfriend, I don’t judge), I’m gonna call you babe/baby/boo/hon/honey/sweetie/sweetheart/cupcake/whatever fucking sweet name I want. Because that’s who you are to me. You’re my babies. I’m gonna take care of you, no matter what it takes, and I’m gonna be…

When I tell my guy friend about my latest ex

The Guy Best Friend


When something amazing happens, he’s the first one you want to tell.

He’s not afraid to tell you when you are with the wrong guy.

He’s the first one you call when things are going wrong.

He’s the first one there when you need a shoulder to cry on.

When you imagine your perfect guy, you think of him.

Your friends wonder why you aren’t together yet.

He knows when things aren’t right.

He is amazing in every single way and treats you better than any guy will.


That one friend…


…that you can be yourself around. That one friend that can make you laugh with just their facial expressions. That one friend that you can always talk to and nothing gets boring. You could joke around, and pretend fight. Yet you both still are the bestest of friends. I love that. That’s when you know, this is where you belong. Cause you’ll know that your friend will help you through your hard times. 



"When you hear that your guy-friend is dating a girl you don’t like and you actually fell for him.."